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Parama poojya Sri Sri Shankar Swamiji was born in 1934 at small town of Belgaum (south India) in a very well to do family. However swamiji was very spiritual in nature at the age of 10 years. Once he went to pilgrimage along with his friends and reached Kapileshwar bavi (well) which is in Belgaum district to play in the water, not knowing how to swim he drowned in the well and went deep under the water but as divine would have he found a small idol of Sri Santoshi matha which he grabbed and could come to the surface of water. This how swamiji got his second birth in 1944. Swamiji took the idol and rushed to show his parents and narrated the story to his parents, naturally they could not belive and subjected him to test which includes tying him with ropes, burning of red chillies and making him to smell. However as things a serpant came on the head of Swamiji which was not visible to him but only to his parents ,Hence he was let off .This made Swamiji to give up his family and he started wandering, reaching various places and finally reached Bellary, where he started doing little chorus (at Bellary cantonment).He established a small dairy and also a mess for students to earn his lively hood. Later he established the idol of Sri Santoshi matha at that very spot and performed pooja regularly. This little about of Swamiji has become a divine temple which we see today and is over flowing by devotes. The word ancient or Pracheen is attached to this temple because this is the first temple in entire south India and is today called as Pracheen Sri Santoshi Matha temple. Parama Poojya Matha swaroop Sri Sri Shankar Swamiji Maharaj reached the lotus feet of Sri Santoshi Matha on 24-03-2009 and today this temple is nourished by peethadipathi Sri Raja Swamiji.